Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dog House

Well, as of this morning my son is in the dog house. We have an outdoor full size freezer in the garage. It's where I keep majority of our meat and ice cream. My son KNOWS that the door on the freezer doesn't close by itself, you have to push it all the way to to get it to seal. I told him yesterday when his friends asked for popsicles that he needed to MAKE SURE the door closed when they were done.

Well, this morning, they asked for waffles (kept in the outside freezer) for breakfast. Unfortunately, EVERYTHING in the freezer is now thawed and a soggy mess. SO, no waffles, no ice cream, no pizza, etc etc etc. ARGH! I've got to let the freezer finish defrosting before I turn it back on or we'll have an icy mess. 5 garbage bags full of stuff to throw out. My son is not allowed to go into the outside freezer any more. If he (or his friends) want anything, they'll have to let me get it for them. I can't afford to keep restocking it.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled morning.

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