Saturday, April 02, 2005

Husbands and Wives and chores

Some times it amazes me about husbands. (though not usually). Anyway..
My day
  • 8:30 get up, get breakfast
  • All morning clean children's rooms
  • Break for lunch/trip to the mall (aborted due to boy illness)
  • Drop family at home, go get boxes/packing material for packing breakables
  • Pack until all packing material gone (still not done)
  • Clean under own bedroom bed
  • Vacuum upstairs (excluding office)
  • Pack all loose blankets from under beds into rubbermaid tubs
  • Decide to pack using leftover grocery bags
  • Break to write in blog :)

His day

  • Get up - eat breakfast
  • Take 1.5 hr bath
  • Play Castle Wolfenstein until wife decides it's time for lunch
  • Play Castle Wolfenstein until wife demands he help
  • Move Thomas Train table into garage
  • Play Castle Wolfenstein until wife demands he get cat poo from under bed
  • Play Castle Wolfenstein

Hmm. I seem to see an error here. Anyone care to help me debug? :) And *HE* wants to move next year?

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