Sunday, April 10, 2005

Discovery Toys

I've decided to get my business going again. I hit a major wall/mental block just before Christmas. I'd given my business a year to get going and hadn't managed more than just a little bit of income. So I took time away all together. Then in February I started working on the web side of things. I've been taking a free SEO and Marketing class via email and that's helped me to redesign things on my site to be more efficient. Now that I've gotten that started (and I'm starting to get ok traffic), I've started advertising too.

My local Kroger puts out a little movie news magazine. In it are local businesses (including mine). They have a contest where to enter you have to (creatively) write down all the business names and phone numbers. Which is a good thing as it means people have to actually LOOK at my ad.

I've also got a new ad running up on a few web sites. I'd like to thank Genuine for letting me be his test ad on his blog. The ad to the left was designed by Jim for me for the blogging! magazine. You can get some great stuff from him and his friends at One by One Media.

A new site coming up is Army Wife Talk Radio. I've got an ad that'll show there later this month. I'm not an Army wife, but I am an Army sister, so there's a connection.

Hopefully all this will help, though with a direct sales business I'll have to get out and talk to people more. I've done some, but not a lot. My goal is still the same as it was when I started.. I want to earn a car payment a month.

If you'd like to help me out and critique the web site, feel free. Leave comments here or drop me an email.

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letti said...

i went and visited your sites and went through the navigation bar and like that. I think it looks really good. Good job!