Tuesday, March 08, 2005


You'd think that cough syrup with codeine should be taken at night or at least at a time when you'd be able to sit/veg/sleep due to that sleepy feeling. I took my medication last night before bed with that in mind. An hour after taking it, I had a coughing fit. A hot cup of tea with whiskey later and I was finally able to relax and sleep. On a whim (and because I kept having coughing fits) I took it this morning at 11:30. I didn't even get a 'warm fuzzy' feeling. It seems to have helped open my head a bit (has an antihistimine in it), but otherwise hasn't affected my cough. How annoying is that?


Cori said...

Hello Ashley!!Guess what? Christmas came early to my house this year.Yes,when I walked outside to get the mail there was a cute little box waiting for me.And when I opened it I had a small little x-mas celebration waiting for me.I was so excited and it really made my day.A Big Thank you..Now I am going to add you to my favorites and visit all the time.We happen to have alot in common.Thanks again and i hope you feel better!!

Phil said...

I know codeine should only be taken at night. At least, for me anyway. That stuff has a serious affect on me . . . can hardly walk straight after taking it, and even when I can walk straight it's usually straight into a solid object (I've twice walked smack dab into a sliding glass door that I knew was closed at the time). Ugh. I avoid codeine whenever possible now. Breath Rite tea with 1-2 tbl spoons whiskey works wonders :)

Anonymous said...

Awwwww. It sucks when codeine doesn't help. Me and Girlfrind respond to it quite well. *hugs* Have you tried some other kind of coughing syrup?

I HATE when I have to cough at night cause I'm never able to fall asleep. So I'm sweet and not even tagging you. Be better soon! *hugs*