Saturday, February 19, 2005

Well, drat (sick daughter)

My daughter actually went to school yesterday, so did my son. I actually went to work at the preschool as well. I brought her home after lunch-bunch (school only runs for the preschoolers from 9:30-12:30, then 4 days a week they can stay an extra hour for lunch and play). She took a good long nap, then her brother got home. At about 5, she started telling me her ear HURT and she couldn't swallow because it HURT. So I gave her motrin and figured I'd take her to the doctor. 15 minutes after that, she spiked another fever (ARGH!). Anyway, Doc said she has an ear infection, gave us a prescrip for Omnicef, but wants us to wait a couple of days to see if it'll clear itself. This is for a couple of reasons. 1- 8 out of 10 kids who have ear infections will clear up on their own without meds. 2- my daughter is already allergic to amoxycillin and biaxin, so antibiotics are used only when absolutely necessary. The key to his solution is saline in the nose. I've been using it to "clean out" her nose, but it's been coming back out for the most part. He wants me to put 6 drops in either side while she's laying down. Then have her stay lying down for 20 seconds to make sure it hits all the membrane in the nose. Hopefully to then open up the ear canal by drying out the membranes. If we can do that, then the infection will clear itself up.


Fortunately, when her ear hurts the motrin is making a big difference. If that stops helping or if we see some sort of discharge, then we'll get the omnicef and start that. Here's hoping we don't end up using it.

Update #1 - 5:51p EST
Caro's ear has been hurting more as the day has gone on. In the last hour her other ear has started hurting. 5 minutes ago she had to throw up. Ew. Guess we'll start the antibiotics when her tummy settles.

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