Thursday, December 23, 2004


Me and my children with Santa. My daughter wouldn't sit on Santa's lap.

My children must be burned out on going/doing things. Generally, when given the opportunity to get out of the house and do something (anything), they jump at the chance. I made the offer today to take them to see either Spongebob or Polar Express at the theater. My son wasn't willing to leave the house. He was content to putter around, play some, veg mostly, and just be a homebody.

We only got out long enough yesterday for lunch and to pick up some pictures I'd dropped off to get developed. Then had the "maid"/"Cleaning service" come by and do a rush job. Confusion abounded yesterday. I'd expected the maid to show by 9:30, by 11 she hadn't shown and her boss didn't know where she was. So I took my kids to a lunch meeting (I had a meeting, they had lunch and played games while watched by a 16yo). The maid finally showed at 3:30, needing to pick her kids up by 6:30 and they were an hour away. Ah well. Rush cleaning job.

I had to run out today to get my parents' Christmas gift. I realized that my hubby hadn't gotten anything for his either. He had no ideas for either of his parents' either. Normally, I'd have finished, be done, be avoiding the shopping. I hit Wal-Mart for most of what I needed. I was amazed that I was in/out in about an hour. They didn't, though, have a video I wanted to get. I stopped at CVS just on the off chance and got their one and only copy of it. Whew!

Don't know that hubby is impressed with what I got his folks, though. I was drawing a complete blank, then remembered (as I wandered through videos) that his dad has all the Garfield books. So I got his dad the Garfield video (at CVS). His parents don't have a lot of space for 'stuff', so I thought of "outside the house" for his mom. She likes to feed the squirrels, but I didn't find anything I liked. I did, though, find some very pretty flowers that do well both in a garden and in a pot. They bloom in winter, too. Got her those and pots.

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