Friday, January 18, 2019

Project S The Series Side by Side #Thaidrama #autism #autismawareness #mustwatch #SidebySide #ProjectStheSeries

I found another drama that I wanted to share.  This one is Thai as well.  It's a bit different, though, in the story line.  Two cousins, one is autistic.  They learn to play badminton and the struggles that go along with competition.  Compound that, though, by some of the behaviors that can come with autism.  It shows the family and their internal issues as well as how kids with autism can be perceived by outsiders.  It's one you'll definitely want to make sure you have a tissue box with you when you watch.  I commend the actors in this one, especially the one playing Gym.  It's 8 episodes, but each episode is broken into 5 videos.  One episode will take you about 45 minutes to watch.  You can find a subbed version playlist here:

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