Monday, August 20, 2018

Review of Nunsense at the Lyric Theatre in Marietta @bravepratl #sponsored

My daughter and I went to see the Marietta Theatre Company perform Nunsense at the Lyric Theatre (in exchange for our review, we were given tickets to the show). We got there early, so we went to eat at Hemingways on the square. We weren't particularly hungry, so we just ordered appetizers. The waitress (didn't get her name) was funny. She came to our table with our apps and let us know nothing had been dropped or otherwise affected. She then stated she felt like she should start singing "Be Our Guest". My daughter and I tried to convince her to go ahead, but she wouldn't.. so after she left we did it for her. I mention it because it was great customer service.

So, on to the show..

The program had 5 performers, each did a great job.  The show is VERY irreverent, so if you're easily offended by dad jokes or such, I wouldn't go.  On the other hand, my daughter and I found the program very funny.   The story line runs that a few nuns from NJ leave the convent to play BINGO with another group.   Meanwhile, at home, the rest of the nuns are killed by botulism thanks to bad stew/soup.  The show starts with 5 of the surviving sisters doing a fundraiser to help bury the last 4.

It's a fun musical with each of the 5 contributing stories to entertain.  More than that, though, their interactions with each other (and the audience) make it priceless.  I loved the way the actresses portrayed their characters.  Even when technical difficulties happen ("Help me ObiWan"), they carry on with the story and keep it seamless.

My daughter and I usually have our favorite performers in the show.  It isn't meant to say the others weren't good, it's just that these were our picks of the night.  For my daughter it was the Novice, Sister Mary Leo (played by Megan Martell).  For me, it was a hard choice, but I'll go with Sister  Robert Anne (played by Kate Metroka).  All 5, though, did an excellent job.  Our only problem with the evening was some mic problems, fortunately with the small space it was a minor problem.

The show runs through September 1st.  Tickets run $25 for general seating.  There are options for dinner plus show, as well as VIP tables.  The theater area itself is small with no bad views in the house.    Next show up is The Toxic Avenger, not recommended for children (border between PG13+ to R primarily for language).

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