Wednesday, January 03, 2018

December Snack Fever box #SnackFever #daebak #SnackFeverFam #ad

I received my December Snack Fever box and thought I'd share the goodies inside it.  I'll admit up front that I'm an affiliate.  My daughter and I are the primary consumers of the snacks, though my son sometimes takes a snack as well.  When this one came in, my daughter immediately ran away with the honey butter chips.  It did come with a small booklet that describes the snacks in the box, so you know what you're getting in the box.  It's always a variety and my boxes are always packed as full as they can be.    I had help checking out my goodies this time around.  Fortunately, he decided the box was more interesting.

If you have any questions about what's there, feel free to ask.  Once I've tried them, I'll happily tell you if I (or my daughter) enjoyed them (we usually do).

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