Friday, August 11, 2017

Keeping unemployed teens busy #project #house #diy

It started Wednesday when our internet went out.  My son hasn't started classes yet, so he was home.  He came down and asked me about the stairs that I had said I wanted to rip up the carpet on over the summer.  I had wanted to see what the treads looked like to either replace/paint/stain to make them look better.  The cats (and age) had pretty well destroyed the carpet and I was using duck tape to cover the holes.  So, Wednesday he pulled up the carpet on one tread.  His best friend had graduated HS recently as well and hadn't found a job yet, so he was unoccupied as well.  So, I got both of them together Thursday to finish the job.

Some of the treads probably need to be replaced.  Most of them are in good condition. I don't think they'd stain well and I really don't want more carpet to go down.  So, now I have to decide whether I have to replace those treads (replace them if so) and then to figure out a color scheme.

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