Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Music Video streaming challenge #Giveaway #SNUPER #KNK #24K #MVP #UP10TION #B1A4 #SF9

So, I decided I wanted to see what I could do to help some of those KPop groups I support get 1 million views on their music videos.  In Korea, they're partially ranked on how many views they get.  Other factors are streaming, voting, etc.  Admittedly, MV streaming on YouTube is a very small piece of the puzzle.  However, it's one I might be able to affect.  If nothing else, maybe I'll increase their fan base.

 In order to help them out, I'm going to hold a drawing.  Initially, I'm going to focus on just one group.  The SNUPER videos for Platonic Love and their newest song The Star of Stars (유성) have to reach 1M first.   Prize for the SNUPER videos reaching 1M will be a 3-month subscription to Korea Box's KPop Box.  You can select what groups you like when you get the subscription. 

If my entire play list reaches 1M views for each video, then I'll hold a second drawing (most are already half-way there).   Prize for the entire list will be a signed CD from one of the groups on the playlist (TBD).

Drawings won't be held until the videos reach 1M, so you'll have to watch for that to happen.  I'll have to put a time limit on it as well.  I'll give it until mid-August.  They will, though, be open to international fans.

Please note I'm not affiliated with any of the groups or Korea Box.  I'm just a fan doing what I can to help some of my favorites out.

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