Friday, December 30, 2016

Universal Studios and the holidays

So, as cool as going to Universal was, the holidays are the absolute worst time to go. Normally when we visit my parents if we go to a park, it's EPCOT. We decided to be different, though, and try Universal. We used points to get tickets, so our passes were not park hopper, but that was ok. We looked at upgrading, but it was $50/person which was more than I was interested in spending. My main goal was to see the World of Harry Potter. I can't ride the big roller coasters any longer, and don't enjoy the 3D/4D type rides, so those were irrelevant to me. My kids would have liked to have ridden a couple of the coasters, but a 2 hour wait was not something we wanted to do. Instead, we wandered, did a little shopping, and wove our way through mondo crowds. There's no fast pass like at Disney (free), you have to pay $50/person for a day's fast pass. No thanks.

We'll go back again some time, but not any time soon. We'll do our best to go off-season to avoid the worst of the crowds. It's not a lot of fun when you can't get INTO or OUT OF a shop.

Ah well. It was still interesting to see and for the price we paid, I'm good. Check my instagram for photos. They'll be posted there.

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