Monday, October 24, 2016

Music Monday #allaboutme #Vixx #TinaTurner #LouisArmstrong

Since my last post was about my playlist on shuffle, I thought I'd talk about a couple of things I enjoy when it comes to music (other than music in general).

When it comes to female singers, I like the R&B/Soul/Blues type voice.  Top of my list is Tina Turner.  Looking at my phone you'll find Macy Gray, Adele, Alanis Morrisette, Natasha Bedingfield and Meghan Trainer.  All have that type of voice that I enjoy to listen to (regardless of the song).  That doesn't mean I don't enjoy other artists, those are just my top choices.

For the men, I love the rumble.  That probably dates back to my grandfather and the fact that when he sang he rumbled.  Top of the list for those is Louis Armstrong.  The catch with these is that most, though, are part of other groups.  Looking at my playlist, you'd find Righteous Brothers, Pentatonix with Avi (their bass), Vixx with Ravi (rapper who rumbles when he rarely sings) and Bryan Adams (not quite a bass, more of the blues sound).

All of that said, I do love music in general, including classical and no, I don't sing.

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