Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Mount Saint Helen from the back

We drove down from Ranier to the "back" side of Mount Saint Helen.  I will say that the drive on this day was horrid.  Pot holes galore and long drops to the side of the road.  My daughter and I had a big problem with the ride.  My husband asked my son to look, his response was that it made him "twitchy".  Hubs was a bit disappointed that it worked out this way.  He had to drive and couldn't look like he wanted to.  If I'd driven, we'd have likely gone 5mph all the way up and down.  It was spectacular to see, though, once we stopped.

This is Meta Lake.  A stop on the way up to the Windy Ridge viewpoint.  The viewing area was flooded, though, which made picture taking difficult.

The top of our road up Mount Saint Helen.  This is the Windy Ridge view point, looking out over Spirit Lake.

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