Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Exploring Seattle day 2: downtown and Space Needle #Seattle #SpaceNeedle

We had a rental car to get around with, but we decided instead to park at the light rail station and take light rail into the downtown area.  From there, we caught the monorail to the Space Needle area.  There was a cool playground in front of the Sound Museum.  There was also a fountain that kids (and adults) could play in.

Selfies and pictures in front of the Space Needle.

From the top of the Space Needle.  I hadn't originally planned to go up, but decided to grit my teeth and go.  I couldn't look out the window of the elevator and I stayed to the inside at the top.  Only time I got close to the edge was to get a quick photo.  I really don't like heights.

We didn't visit Chihuly Garden or the Science Museum.  We were picking a choosing based on cost.

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