Monday, May 16, 2016

Check out teamLab Future Park @shopmallofga @bravepratl #teamLabFuturePark

My daughter and I were given the opportunity to preview the teamLab Future Park at Mall of Georgia.  It's a Japanese travelling exhibition of light art.  Using light, sound, video and virtual reality, it becomes an educational playground.  There are a series of activities to do, all involving art in some form.

We started with coloring pictures.  My daughter did the sea horse, I did the turtle.

Here is my daughter's sea horse, swimming around the coral.

Here is my turtle, swimming around the entire screen.

These balls were a blast to play with.  Not only were they lit up and changed colors, when they were moved they played different sounds.  My daughter and I kept rolling them back and forth at each other as quickly as we could.  The cacophony of sound was wonderful.

One of the other activities you could do was create a vehicle to put on another screen.  The vehicles ranged from trucks, to tractors, to UFOs.  Once you colored them in, you could scan them and put them on the screen to watch move.  You also have the option of having it printed so that you can cut it out and turn it into a 3D figure.  I chose the UFO. Here's both my picture and my 3D figure.

There was more to do as well.  Interactive tables and a lit hopscotch pathway.  All fun and quite entertaining.  The exhibit is at the Mall of Georgia only through July 31st.  You can get more information, including hours and ticket prices, from the Mall of Georgia website.

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