Friday, April 15, 2016

Five Fact Friday #allaboutme

1.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother to open my mouth.  It seems that more often than not, I make a statement which sounds idiotic or otherwise uninformed.  I hate that feeling.

2. I pick and choose which chores to do.  On the random days I'm home and get things done, I'll pick 2-3 chores that haven't been done lately and do them.  (Dishes don't count, those are a constant.  Laundry only sometimes counts as my kids do their own.)  Then I reward myself with something for being "good" and doing what I'm supposed to do.  Now, the reward may be something as simple as a nap or watching Harry Potter for the million+1 time, but still.

3.  I'll take just about any excuse to take time out and garden.  I love my plants and I love tinkering with fairy gardens.

4. I'll take the opportunity my kids give me and make things.  They're my creative side, giving me challenges to accomplish.  Easier said than done, lately, with my double vision.  I consider that an added challenge though to see if I can do it anyway.

5. I'm apparently a jinx when I'm the boss.  As PTSA president and as Poll Manager, no one is willing to take me on.  Of course, I haven't had anyone JOIN the PTSA board to see what I'm capable of and being Poll Manager is an entirely different beast.  Most don't quite expect a voting day to go like it does and catches them off guard when they have to spend 12+ hours with someone they don't know.

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