Monday, August 10, 2015

Touring Savannah - Pirate's House, Riverstreet, and Maritime Museum #SavannahGA #family

Lunch was at the Pirate's House restaurant.  LOVED IT!  After we'd been there a while, I remembered I'd visited a long time ago.  We had the buffet which was reasonably priced and included desert.  Loved the key lime pie.

From there we headed over to River Street.  A must see in Savannah.  We walked along the river, I wandered in and out of stores.  I had to stop in to River Street Sweets and pick up some pralines.  While there I watched them pull taffy.  We also heard a gentleman playing sax and I visited with another gentleman who made grass baskets.  Lack of money kept me from purchasing, though.

On our way back to the hotel (it had been a long hot day), we decided to make one more stop.  This time at the Maritime Museum.  A family ticket is $20, so not too bad in cost to visit.  Parking is free to visit the museum.  Mostly models of ships, the museum talks about the history of maritime in Savannah as well as in general.  My daughter loved the Titanic sinking in a bottle.  I found the various figures for the ships neat.  It only took us about 45 minutes to tour.  It would have been longer if we'd had the patience to watch the various info movie clips.

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