Monday, January 05, 2015

Review: Jumpstreet with teenagers @SugarloafMills @GotJump

I took my 4 teens (okay, technically only two are mine, but I'll generally claim the other 2 any time) to Jumpstreet out at Sugarloaf Mills mall on NYE.  Probably not the best timing, but it got them out of the house and off  video games for a while.

What it has: inflatables and small trampolines for the 7 and under crowd, a few trampolines for the rest and a dodge ball area.  For an extra charge you can do the "bull riding", trampoline pad, basketball dunk, and the steps shown above.  There's also a segway area for 12+ for an additional charge per 15 minutes.  Not much for the older crowd, really.  My crew preferred the dodge ball to the rest as there was more space to participate.  We did meet up with some other school friends (most of them tween/teen age).  The school friends left after an hour, being completely done at that point.  They were not impressed.

It's not a big space.  So, the holiday was packed and the areas were pretty full.  The wait to get passes took between 15-20 minutes (there were only 2 staff working the desk).  You pay by the hour.  For the holiday it was $8 for the first hour, $6 for the second.  $3 additional for the "extra" area.  $10 for 15 minutes for the segway.

My only "complaint" was the passes (wrist bands) are color coded.  They called our colors expired after the kids had only been out for 1.5 hrs (we paid for 2).  To talk to someone to get it fixed would have taken between 15-30 minutes waiting in line.  The staff monitoring the zones weren't overly helpful only stating that the color had been called as time up.  Kinda made the whole thing moot.  Fortunately for me, the teens were good to go and we headed out.

Will we go back? Not likely.  Will I recommend it?  Probably for those with younger (12 and under) kids and then only for about an hour.  We did wander the mall after (I had teens with me after all).  While wandering, we noted that there's something new called "Mystery Room".  They decided that might be cool to try next time.  Apparently you choose a room and solve the mystery in a given amount of time.  There's also airsoft, though in general my boys prefer paintball to airsoft.

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