Tuesday, January 06, 2015

New running costume - Mary Poppins @runDisney #10K

I decided I wanted to dress up for the 10K this week. I already have several running skirts (love my SparkleSkirts), so I wanted to put one together around one of those. My "standard" is Wonder Woman, but I didn't think that worked for Disney. I've done Mary Poppins as a cosplay costume and had a black running skirt, so I went ahead with that as my theme. Below is what I came up with. It's a regular white running shirt that I've added the trim to, my black running skirt and a headband. I thought about one of those mini-hats, but I'm not sure it would stay on my head that long (or be that comfortable), so I went with the headband instead.

So, how'd I do?

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