Monday, December 08, 2014

Running to a 5K/10K - figuring out my goals

I'm planning out my schedule for next year.  I'm one of those that has to have a goal set (and paid for) to be able to make my way to it.  Setting personal goals is hard to follow through with when I have no accountability except myself.  I end up getting mad at myself or something happens and I easily get off track.  That's been the case for the last couple of months this  year.  It's only because I'm scheduled to run the Disney Marathon weekend 5K & 10K in January that I'm doing anything at all.  More to it, I'm practicing because my daughter is joining me and she needs the practice so she doesn't get hurt.

Beyond that, I'm signed up to do the Hot Chocolate 5K at the end of January.  Want to join me? You can sign up and just meet me there.  I want to do the Pretty Muddy next year too (I'll register for that later) and the Peachtree Road Race.  I'll have to do the lottery, though, on that one (so no guarantees).

I have no idea what other races will catch my eye in 2015.  I'll have to wait and see what I can afford to do on top of what I'm motivated to do.  I really need to work on my motivation.  Anyone wanna walk with me?

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