Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Review: Mindspace Investigations Novels @AHughesWriter

Another one of the authors I met and talked with at the +Decatur Book Festival .  A Georgia native, Alex Hughes isn't necessarily new on the scene, though she "only" has 3 books at Amazon.  I read Sharp and Clean, novels in the Mindspace Investigations series.  There is a novella called Payoff that I have yet to get to.  The next in the series is due out in the first half of next year.

I don't always like to do a synopsis, you can read that from the author without my twists on it.   I will state that it is based in Atlanta, in the way distant future.  If you're a resident, you'll easily recognize many of the landmarks she goes through during the stories.  The primary character is very flawed and telepathic.  If you like the tortured male lead character, he'll fit right in. 

Clean gives you a basic history and starts the series.  You learn fairly quickly that the lead character needs help, a lot of it.  He is working as a contractor with the local police department.  Story one takes you through solving a difficult and harrowing case.  Story two picks up where the first one left off and leaves you waiting for the third.  You will leave the series anticipating what's to come, but not knowing how it will happen.

I finished both books within 3 days. (A rather rare occasion that I had the time.)  So, now I sit and wait for the release of the next book.  If you're into sci fi/crime type books, definitely a good read.  I look forward to seeing where Ms. Hughes goes from here.

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