Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Gwinnett County Fair is back in town

It's that time of year again.  The local fairs are back in town.  My kids and their friends went out to the Gwinnett County Fair Saturday (opening weekend).  It's only in town until the 22nd, so if you want to go you'll have to go soon. We hadn't originally planned on going. We'd planned on going to Six Flags. Turns out, Six Flags was closed for a private event. This was where they decided to go as an alternative. Here's some of what we saw (and they rode).

In the 4H barn:

A couple of the rides:

I thought this one was new, my son didn't think so.

Spinning in multiple circles and even going upside down.

The sad thing is that I'd have spent less money going to Six Flags. We have season passes, so the only thing I would have bought would have been food (expensive enough on its own). The teens seemed to enjoy themselves, though, so we'll do Six Flags another time.

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mitzi said...

weve always wanted to go but never went and I think it would be a blast.
maybe i can talk them into going this yr.