Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Travel Log: Antelope Island

Our last stop on our trip out west to Yellowstone was a stop at Antelope Island. This is on the Great Salt Lake and was a great way to end the trip. The island has a lot of hiking trails that you can walk and a drive path as well. There are several picnic pavilions on the beach you can use and then you can swim in the lake itself. They are suffering from drought as well, which is evident from the expanse of beach that the kids had to cross to get to the water.

They had fun with the ease they had with floating.

The island has a herd of bison as well. We had one cross the beach while we were in the water. We saw these on another beach on the island.

We had the chance to drive out to the only house on the island as well. A wonderful old farm house. Given the right time, they do horseback rides on the island. Unfortunately, we didn't take the chance to do that one. After our horseback trip in Yellowstone my knee hated me, so I preferred to forgo that opportunity. We spent most of a day out there before checking in to our hotel near the airport.

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