Friday, July 26, 2013

It's quiet.. Too Quiet

My kids come home this weekend. They flew down last weekend to spend this week with my parents. I'm sure they've had a blast, I've gotten random messages from my dad with photos to prove it. My daughter has also sent a few photos through facebook. It's been very quiet, though, around my house. Almost too quiet. Fortunately for me, the dogs have been more than willing to step up their game and wrestle loudly behind me while I'm trying to make calls for work.

It's getting close to the start of school again, so next week we'll be trying to set a regular schedule again to get us adjusted.  In theory it'll make it easier on my son to get on the bus in the mornings.  In reality, it'll make it easier on me to start the battle now so that I'll know what to expect once school starts.  How soon do you start changing from summer schedules back to school schedule?

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