Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Fitness Update @FitnessRebooted

I'm going to break away from the Month of Mom challenge today as I really have no idea what I'd put for 'baby'. So, I thought I'd update what's going on here.

Kat has started a new 8 week challenge on Fitness Rebooted for us. It includes hanging leg raises. I'm apparently odd in that my hands/elbows hurt when hanging, so she recommended some straps to help me out. Remaining true to my odd self, I don't fit them right unless I'm holding on to the strap instead of the bar. Even then, if I'm not careful, I lose circulation in my arms. If you want to join us it's not too late (yet). The challenge will run through June 30.

As of the end of the last challenge, I had lost 3 pounds total (including the 1 I put on just before the start of the challenge). I fluctuate about .5 pound on any given day if I weigh myself. Having an intestine that doesn't always cooperate, I can pretty much guess what days I'm heavier than others. :/

I had a physical on Wednesday as well as a mammogram (my doc scheduled it for me when she saw I was due for one, thank you Kaiser).

Thursday was my last day of yoga, but I missed for a GSMM event. I've been trying various yoga videos from the library, not really caring for the ones I've found there. The exercise videos I've liked best has been Jillian Michael's 30 day shred or Billy Blanks Taebo. I like my daughter's Just Dance Wii games, too. ;)

Saturday (if it's not storming) I'll do the Electric Run with my family. They're not caring for my "costume" designs, but they'll wear my creations to make me happy. If they argue, I'll just pull the Mother's Day card on them. (So cruel).

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