Monday, March 25, 2013

Monday Musings

Last Week -
Getting sick really stinks. I don't generally get sick, so when I do I generally "do it right". I thought initially I was just suffering bad allergies (and probably actually was). Then a week ago Saturday I spent the day out at Stone Mountain Park with the family hiking. I came home and my head really started having issues. Then Monday evening, I get wet in the rain a couple of times and ended up chilled. By Tuesday, I was not a happy camper. I managed to plow through somewhat until Thursday morning at which point I gave up and went to the doctor. Diagnosis: a sinus infection that had moved to the throat. No wonder. So, several days later of antibiotics and a treatment called "Magic Mouthwash" which numbs the throat, I'm doing better. In the process, I managed to lose some weight, though I somehow doubt it will stay off.

New project-
I'm working with another pet rescue group. I'm currently helping them with their word press site, getting animals posted. I'm still in training, so I'm working through the learning curve. It's giving me a chance to learn a new blogging platform too. I've considered moving this blog, though no real decisions are even close to being made. So, this may help on that front too.

Future stuff-
My kids and I will be doing something of a demo this upcoming Saturday at a friend's church. Luxomni Baptist Church is having an Easter fun day with activities for the kids and all. We'll be out there with some of the other Choi students showing off our skills. ;) If you get a chance, feel free to come out and see us.

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