Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Six Flags

I took my kids last Friday out to Six Flags for homeschool day. A wonderful thing to be able to do on what would normally have been a school day. The passes included lunch (sandwich, coke, chips, apple and a cookie) as well as a return pass for later in the season.

I think our main disappointment was that we couldn't go to Skull Island. Of course, it doesn't open until Memorial DAy weekend.

The longest wait the kids had was for Superman. It was about an hour. The problem here was that we went right after lunch, when everyone was in the same area.

By end of day, we all had our capes. I've decided all moms need a Wonder Woman cape. My daughter picked the Green Lantern, my son went for Superman.

This was the Goliath as it went overhead. I was by the covered pathway not far from the Georgia Scorcher.

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