Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parental apathy

As the end of school wraps up I find myself annoyed with some parents. I try to help them (and their students) stay on track, but I'm finding a good number of parents just don't care. They want a free set of books to go with the free curriculum and then to be left alone. Of course, that means that half of them have students doing no work and half that have students that have figured out how to cheat. If you point it out to some of these parents you either get "ok, I'll get on that" [and nothing happens] or messages to leave them alone. It's a public school,folks, we can't leave you alone. Not only are you doing a big disservice to your kids, you're going to end up in trouble with the school or BOE. I find it frustrating that so many parents are looking for alternatives to regular schooling, but all they truly want is to not school their kids at all. It's not fair to your kids and it's not fair to those kids who might actually BENEFIT from being at GCA. So, as school winds down I find myself more annoyed than frustrated, please don't take it personally if you catch the edge of it. Likely it's not aimed at you. :)

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Claire said...

As a former public school teacher, we got many of these kids back from GCA right around Jan-Feb. They were so far behind because they hadn't done anything all year! When asked what they did at home, most were watching TV since August, but some of the answers were off the wall crazy!