Thursday, December 15, 2011

GCA - Gingerbread House

Georgia Cyber Academy has been hosting Gingerbread house competitions around the state. Since I'm working at one as an employee, I suggested to my kids that they enter a house for show. They've always loved making them, but this time my daughter is insisting she get to eat it too. So, I took lots of pictures during the making, knowing that by end of week, it's not likely to be around any longer.

We started with a basic kit. I picked it up at Michael's on sale (with a coupon).

I did the basic assembly.

I included gingerbread trees for the fun of it.

The kids took over decorating the house. I did get to create the 'people' that we put in. The kids let me have that much of an effect on the design. This is the completed house from the back.

My kids got a little enthusiastic with some of the icing, but this is one of the completed sides.

The side with the trees.

And of course, the front.

After they were done with it, they dubbed it "Sugar Overload".

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