Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Finally! Thanksgiving

I finally caught up on all the Thanksgiving celebrations. We had one a bit late (ie: Sunday), but that's ok. My family is a bit spread out, so I actually had celebrations at three different locations. The first was Thanksgiving itself with my sister and her family. They're out in relatively nowhere Alabama. My brother-in-law has a lot of family in that area, so we had lunch with the extended family there.

My brother-in-law..

My niece.. the Auburn student.

My parents drove up from FL to be there

And of course, my little big sister..

Our second Thanksgiving was with my aunt. I posted her picture last week. This past Sunday was at the hubby's grandmother's home. She hadn't been feeling well, so it was postponed. Of course, after eating, the kids headed out to do some shooting. My son brought up his BB gun as well as his new .22/.410 that my sister's family gave him for his birthday.

A cousin.. My son..

My daughter..

Of course, not long after this, the adults wandered back in to the house (those that left) and did this..

Or at least they tried.

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