Thursday, September 08, 2011

Swimming at Warm Springs

We didn't just camp down at FDR state park, we explored some of the local landmarks. The Warm Springs Pool is open for swimming only twice a year, Memorial Weekend and Labor Day weekend. For those that don't know (or don't remember), Warm Springs is where FDR would go to swim and rehabilitate after polio paralyzed him. It was a therapy center for polio patients for many years before they opened it up to other diseases and issues.

The water is 88 degrees, consistently without the sun warming it. The pools aren't really all that deep, but they are enjoyable. It is a mineral water which, according to the park ranger, is more buoyant than sea water. It takes 4 days to fill the pools, but only 1 day to drain them. There are actually 3 different pools all connected, each with a different depth of water. The deepest (and closest in the picture) was just over my waist.

Just to show you can actually pay to swim in it, here's the kids. It was a great relief Saturday from the heat to go swim in the water.

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