Thursday, September 01, 2011

Heroes & Villains & Geese

OK,so you know how cartoon heroes have a nemesis that they must battle on a regular basis? Well, if I were to consider myself a hero, then this guy would have to be my nemesis.. or I could be the villain and be the one to cause problems for the hero.. At any rate, this would be my nemesis one way or another..

It's a story that goes back to not long after I started driving by myself, but I encountered a goose that was blind in one eye. I watched him get 'hit' by a UPS truck going the other direction. I, being me, couldn't stand to let the thing suffer. So I packed him into the back of my Toyota Tercel hatchback and headed to the local vet hospital. It was closed. As I went to get back into my Tercel, the goose, who was apparently only stunned, came to and started bouncing around my car. I had to open the hatchback for his own safety. He flapped off after flapping in my face (to make sure I understood how upset he was, I'm sure). That started my less than stellar relationship with geese. Since then it's only gone downhill.

So it's no surprise that when I encountered this group that were being fed crackers by a young girl, that I had to make sure she understood what might happen. It didn't deter her, in fact she decided to prove me wrong. OK. So the geese won this round. I'll be back!

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