Thursday, September 15, 2011

Georgia Tech Mini Maker's Faire

I found out about this through the Home School groups that I follow. It was a small gathering of people that make things by hand. The mini Maker's Faire had everything from crafts to robotics and was cool to see.

This truck was completely electric. It would go up to 60mph and travel approx. 45 miles on a single charge.

A glass blower demonstrating his skill

A blacksmith making mini-swords out of nails.

Clothes made out of recyclables..

And of course the robots.. this one is a remote-controlled skateboard

Egg-bot engraved/burned designs on wooden eggs

Lawnbot was a remote-programmable lawnmower..

This is one of those that would compete in a big FIRST robotics competition.

Then there were the all-time favorites.. (yes, they work)

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