Thursday, July 28, 2011

Pond update

I have added 4 small koi to my little pond. We don't get to see them much, they stay under the floating plants for the most part. They do seem to be doing ok, though. I also added a plug-in type pond pump to help circulate the water and filter it. My little solar powered one isn't getting enough sun currently to do what I want it to do. We still have some tree thinning to do on that front.

I have finally seen my resident frog too. I haven't been able to clearly identify it. It's a long bodied, brown/black frog with a relatively long snout. It surpised me by being camped out on a small water plant and then jumping into the water as soon as it realized I'd seen it. I could see some of it under the water, but not clearly enough for a true identification. I suspect it's either a Southern Cricket frog or a Greenhouse frog. I'll see if I can't capture a picture of it some time to do a better id.

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