Monday, July 25, 2011

Day 4 - Castaway Cay

Yes, I skipped Day 3. We were out at sea all day on Day 3 and I didn't get any photos (though hubby probably did). I did get to the Spa and have my first hot rock massage (OOOHH). My kids were turned loose on ship. They each had a wave phone (phone provided to each stateroom for just that purpose). My daughter spent the day in the Oceaneer lab, my son in the Edge (tween hangout). The rest of us kind of floated around doing whatever until it was time to eat.

Day 4 we were back in Castaway Cay. We decided before going ashore that we weren't staying too long (just until lunch).

For all that my kids said they were tired and didn't want to swim, they seemed to have no problem with it once they were in the water.

A view of the ship from the beach.

Yes, there were more crab races..

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