Thursday, July 21, 2011

Day 1 - Castaway Cay

Our first day out at sea, we put in to port at Castaway Cay around 7:30am. The whole process was fascinating (we watched from our balcony).

This is the lagoon area where the main family beaches and activities are held.

After disembarking, we walked past where Daisy was holding court. I had to stop and get my picture taken.

After a little bit of a walk, we found Captain Jack Sparrow. This was a must for me and the kids.

We swam until lunch time and when we headed to get food we encountered a group having crab races. It was quite funny to watch the people cheering the crabs on the hot brick. I'd want off of it quickly too.

After lunch, we had a swim with the sting rays in the lagoon. Approximately 57 rays were in a large enclosed section. We were able to feed them (imagine putting your hand up to the end of the hose part of a vacuum) before swimming with them. The kids had a blast following the rays around. We also spotted a rather large barracuda swimming in the area. (The pen is a rope netting, the gaps just small enough to keep the rays from leaving, not from keeping other animals out.) No pictures from the swim, though. My kids took off with their dad after to snorkel around the lagoon. They said they saw quite a bit, though the only problem was the grass that was everywhere (and quite thick in spots).

For those of you not familiar with Castaway Cay, this is called Mount Rustmore.

Some time around 3:00p we headed back to the ship. Max is/was one of my son's favorite Disney characters. You don't get to see much of him (unless you watch "A Goofy Movie"), so visiting him on the way back onto the ship was a must as well.

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