Thursday, June 02, 2011

Wells Family History

Now that I'm on the topic, I had to do some digging. I would have sworn (apparently partially incorrectly) that I had a picture of George Riley Wells here at my home. I may still, I just haven't found it or identified it yet. What I do have are these.

The first is George Riley Wells' oath to abide the laws under the Constitution. This was signed in 1865. As a southern gentleman after the War, one who was actually a Lieutenant of the 38th Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry, it was required of him.

This second is a photo of James R. Wells (George Riley's 2nd son) with his daughter Mary Eliza and granddaughter Martha Jane.

James Riley with my grandmother Martha Jane. It appears to be taken in front of the Wells-Brown house in Stone Mountain, but I'm not positive on that.

There's some debate as to these two. It's possible the gentleman on the left is James Riley. Comparing older picture to younger the potential is there. It's also thought that the second gentleman is one of his brothers, either Virgil or John.

It's fun (and a lot of work) researching family history. I have a lot of stuff here that I have to sort through and organize. I do it in fits and starts. I do plan to eventually get all the photos scanned and identified. I have a few that need repair (they've fallen apart) too. I had a membership (for a while) with but money being what it is, I've long since let that lapse. As a cousin pointed out, not everything on there is verifiable, so a lot of research has to be done "manually".

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Stephanie Bowden said...

I have a picture of both George and Virgil as well as George's Officer's Manual from the Citadel.