Thursday, March 03, 2011

Planning the garden

My kids and I turned their old play yard into a garden last year. They did a lot of the work when it came to planting and picking out. This year, they've decided to sort of take a back seat. I did all the clean up, so I get to do most of the planning and picking out. So, here's the basic plan so far..

Bulbs bulbs bulbs.. there's already some amaryllis that I put out last year as an experiment trying to break through, so I'm just going to expand on that.

Flowers.. the iris bulbs my daughter planted are going strong. I forgot what the other bulbs were (bad me), but they're ok too. This area was already used for flowers last year, so it'll stay the same.

Veggies & fruit.. the one blueberry bush that made it through summer is still there. We'll get another one (since it takes two) and put it out. The chives came through ok too.

I'm going to retask the old sand box. We turned it into a compost pile last year, but didn't take enough care of it over the winter for it to be overly productive. So, I'm thinking about getting a liner and turning it into a water garden. I want to see how hard (expensive) it would be to do a solar 'fountain' in the center. I can run the panel behind the house to the open area near our creek. If that works, maybe next year I can put in koi and feed the local hawks. (ha!)

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