Sunday, June 08, 2008

giggling girls

My daughter chose McDonald's for her mother-daughter lunch, then we went to Lee Nails and had spa pedicures. The lady painted flowers on her big toes. While I was finishing with mine, she got a manicure as well. The lady painted flowers on her fingers too. She really enjoyed having a day to do that. But as soon as we were done, her first questions were "How long until my friends come over? Can we go home and wait?"

So I had a miniature gaggle of girls at the house last night. Putt-putt was played at speed, no score kept. There wasn't a point to keeping score, so I didn't try. Unfortunately, I left my camera at home and my phone battery decided it was time to die, so I didn't get any putt-putt pictures.

My cats, on the other hand, are quite happy for the extra girls to be gone. My most laid back cat was the victim of over-attention. IE: He got all of it, whether he wanted it or not. Here he is with his groupies..

The evening, though, went pretty well. It was a new experience having girlie girls in the house. The makeup came out, the glitter went on. My daughter didn't share her entire makeup kit with them, which I suppose is fortunate. Though I guess I can now expect it to come out more than it has. They really didn't watch the movie, but stayed up giggling until after 11p. Fortunately, it's sunday so there's extra rest time built in for the day.

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