Wednesday, May 14, 2008

My summer plan

With summer just around the corner, I've been compiling a list of things for me to do with my kids. I plan to try to limit driving, but I also know that there's nothing within walking distance of my home and few other kids in my neighborhood for my kids to play with. So, with that in mind, here's what I've planned:

Stone Mountain Park ($8 parking fee per visit or $35 for a pass, I have a pass)
Fernbank ($85 for a family membership, has reciprical memberships with other ATSC groups - we plan on visiting Cape Canaveral this summer on our trip to visit my parents, so we'll get in free as a result. That combined with one Fernbank visit has paid for it.)
Cub Scout Day Camp - my son is attending, I'm volunteering (it's a week long camp, but it's one less week of planning)
Cheerleading camp - my daughter's preferred summer camp. She'll do this while my son and I are at scout camp.
Georgia Aquarium - as a volunteer I'm free, my kids have annual memberships. Visit twice and it's paid for easily. Doesn't cover parking, but if you're willing to walk a block, you can find cheap parking.
Tennis camp - really only an hour a day for 4 days, but it's something my daughter wanted to do.
Video GameMaker Camp - another half-day camp that my son wanted. He ultimately wants to make video games like pokemon.
Kangaroo Conservation Center - they've recently lowered their youngest age to allow kids in. Now my daughter is old enough to go. This is reasonably close to home and should make a cool day trip.
Zoo Atlanta - we've had a membership here since I was in college.
AMC Summer MovieCamp - $1 movies every Wednesday @ 10am
Bowling - good for a rainy (hot/smoggy) day. I joined the Brunswick mailing list and get coupons on a regular basis.
Other Stuff (Discounts) - Entertainment Book with lots of activity coupons in it. has started advertising around here recently. It has a "Dream Pass" which gets discounts and various places.
For anyone coming in from out of town, there's the CityPass which Atlanta joined about a year ago. Good discounted tickets. I may use that if/when my niece/nephews visit.

I'll keep an eye out for any other free/cheap activities for my kids. If anything cool comes up, I'll share that as I can.

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