Friday, May 16, 2008

Jump Starting a Reader

My son is a picky reader. He never got into a lot of books until a friend of his discovered Tony Abbott and his Secrets of Droon series of books. The Secrets of Droon are about 3 friends who discover a door to a secret world (called Droon) in a closet under the stairs. The various books are their adventures to help keep the evil Lord Sparr from taking over Droon. My son loves these books. I take my kids to the county library on a regular basis in the hopes they'll pick up something new. We found out by chance that Tony Abbott has another series of books called the Time Surfers. I haven't read these with my son yet, he just finished the first book in the series himself. He's already asked me to locate the first 4 in the series. I went looking and found Tony Abbott's web site: (easy enough to remember) and he has a bunch of other books and series out there too. So now I'm surfing the library web site to locate the books that I can. For those not at the library, I'm putting them on my wish list on (love that site). I'm hoping to stock up on Abbott books now with summer coming. This will definitely keep my son reading while school's out.

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