Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Getting it done

Hubby has stated that we're going to list the house in 18 months. That puts my oldest half way through 5th grade. Which would let us get moved before he has to start middle school. So I'm getting things done.

I had my outlets repaired (after waiting 6 months for hubby). I've got landscapers coming out to tell me how much it'd cost to get my island back under control. My friend is going to help me paint my house this summer. Starting in the kitchen. While cabinets are being painted, she and I are going to repair the drawers that are constantly falling in.

Then I'm going to fix the frame of my kitchen window. A carpenter bee got in last summer and the hole has been trying to rot. So I'm going to fix it.

Then I'm going to fix my hole in my ceiling. The hole that the plumber cut trying to find a leak. A leak that's not leaking. Why is it that when you get someone to repair something it either starts working again or the trouble goes away? And I still have to pay them for making holes in my ceiling?

While all of this is going on, I'm purging. Anyone need a sauder video cabinet? or a sit-n-spin? I've got to get into my attic and clear that out too.

By the time next summer hits, I should be down to the point of getting new appliances for the kitchen (unless I decide to do that sooner). I should be able to get a carpet for my sun room and I get to start rearranging furniture again. Hubby isn't going to like it. My friend and I have plans. BIG plans. Since hubby isn't here during the day, unless he wants to undo all we get done.. we win.. by default.

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Anonymous said...

If "Hubby has stated that we're going to list the house in 18 months", why are you and your friend doing all the work? It seems really unfair that he's chosen the deadline but he's not doing anything to meet it!