Thursday, October 13, 2005

Oi - Fire Ant bites

Apparently my daughter fell into a nest of fire ants today at school. She came home covered in welts that I thought were mosquitos (she and I welt up). She didn't contradict me when I said mosquito bites and started treating them as such. I gave her claritin for the itch as well. THen I noticed that her ankles were somewhat swollen. I gave that up to the mosquito bites figuring when the bites went down, so would the swelling. Well, apparently it wasn't mosquitos. She told me this evening that she fell into ants. Her legs and stomach are covered in bites. One ankle remains swollen. I've given her benadryl (which may or may not help) and ibuprofen. If the swelling isn't down by morning, I'll call the doctor.

I'll also have a talk with the director of the pre-k. I got no notes from the teacher about her being bitten nor was it mentioned when I picked her up. There are too many bites for her not to have reacted at the time so I would have expected the teacher to notice. If she noticed, it should have been mentioned to me.

At any rate, regardless of the teacher's reaction, if there are fire ants on the playground, the center needs to clear them out before other kids get bitten like that.

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Dana said...

Yikes, yes they need to do something about those ants.