Saturday, February 12, 2005

I'm tired..

and all my enthusiasm from yesterday has definitely disappeared. It doesn't help that I didn't sleep well last night as both kids have started coughing (again). Then, I get no respect. Had to prod husband to get out of the house in time to make it to son's basketball game (last one this round). I've been doing laundry and hanging it wherever I can to get it to dry. All the whites have been outside on tables drying. I go to tell hubby we have 5 minutes. He's laying on the bed. His comment "I have no underwear". What does he want me to do? He knows where everything is. It's more of a 'I have no underwear, I don't want to get up to go get any, guess I can't go' attitude. Argh. So I go get ALL the laundry out of the garage and dump it on him saying "take your pick".

I had taken all the leftover snacks from last weekends game(s) home as I was the last mom there. I had been asked to bring them all back for snacks today. I get my family to the gym early enough to set out snacks for the first game and still get my son there in time for the second. Then I'm told "go put them up, we don't need them". And I do? I now have 3 boxes unopened koolaid drinks, a small box of juice boxes (mostly apple), a box of pre-packaged donut-holes, a box of individual chips, a box of individually packed pringles, a box of animal cracker packs, and more. ACK! We'll be popular at school.

Get home, do laundry. My photo albums have been on the floor of my son's room for a while (since I rearranged the office). So I decided to get those out of the way. In the meantime telling kids to clean their own rooms. My son does his part (sort of), my daughter insists she needs help. My husband plays video games.

While I'm cleaning, hubby comes down and says he's gonna run errands later. Errands? What errands? He's going to "fix the dryer". Uh huh. It's been broken over a month. He gets his lunch, then disappears. He's playing video games.

I get more laundry hung, more laundry in the wash, vacuum the den. Sit down to watch a video. My youngest curls up in my lap and falls asleep. I think this is the best feeling I've had today. She wakes up right when my video ends (Under the Tuscan Sun, for those that care). Get up. Move hang more laundry, start more laundry. Hm.. anyone seeing a pattern?

I'm tired, and the day isn't even half way done. Now what?

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