Friday, February 11, 2005

Go Me!

I've been working on an online SEO class (for those who don't know, Search Engine Optimization) and an online-marketing class. Both free, for those skeptics. Hey, it's worth looking at. Anyway, it's pointed out several issues with my Discovery Toys web site that I hadn't thought completely about. One being that the company site, while very nice, is all flash and I can't edit anything. So I created a gateway site on (freebie). Then they pointed out that some search engines may not like free site URLs and such, so I moved it to a pay site ($4/mo). Then the site's provided SEO tool AND my SEO class pointed out that my web site needed more CONTENT than CODE. Hm. Not knowing CSS that has been a challenge.. well, YAY ME! I have my site up, on a paid site, using CSS! Now to continue with the class and see what else they tell me. :)

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