Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Amazing Race..

OK, Lori/Bolo you were NOT supposed to be eliminated last night! NO! Bolo! Your job was to READ the clue (ALL OF IT!) Not cause the delay. Costly error, son.

Freddy/Kendra - good on you! I'd have tried the elephant thing too just as something I wouldn't otherwise get to do. You got lucky, though, that it didn't take any longer than it did.

Rebecca/Brat - nice to see the brat actually has some spine.

Ok folks, it's getting down to the wire! Let's see some GOOD RACING!


letti said...

i soooo agree lori and bolo should not have been eliminated...argghh..i want that bratty hayden to go down down much as i hate Hellboy ( ref hair on the guy ), i like rebecca and don't wanna see her gone before the model alliance!!!!!!


Michael said...

It was the closes finish I have seen on an amazing race