Monday, August 12, 2019

Visiting the new @ZooAtl changes #animals #ZooAtlanta #family

Zoo Atlanta had a member's only night this past Saturday.  My family humored me, despite the heat, and we visited to check out the updated exhibits.  Some animals aren't in their new homes yet, they're still acclimating.  We did, though, get to see the new male elephant and the newest grandbaby from Willy B.

From what we were told, the male is still in quarantine.  He'll be placed out in his new area at a later date.  The building he was in, though, is huge. 

The warthogs and zebras were out in their new areas.  You could see the giraffes, but they were closer to their building.

No changes in the aviary, still pretty birds everywhere.

The tanuki had changed areas.  One was out looking at the crowd, the other was in the back of his enclosure doing his own thing. 

We did things kind of out of order.  We managed to miss the reptile house the first pass through the zoo.  It was good way to cool off, though.

No telling when I'll get back over there. Hopefully after the meerkats and other animals are out in their new exhibits.

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