Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Battling cat pee #cats #territory #notinmyhouse

I've been battling cat pee in the house for about a year now.  It all started when some ferals decided to show up outside the house.  Of course, it took a while to figure it out and until I did I was fighting a losing battle INSIDE the house.  Since what I'm doing now seems to be working (still figuring out all the issues), I thought I'd share some of my solutions.

1 - washing everything that gets sprayed that fits into the wash.  I add apple cider vinegar to the wash to get rid of the smell.

2 - steam cleaning the carpet.  I  included febreeze in the steam cleaner.

3 - Spraying anywhere else (and sometimes even on those things above) I treat with Angry Orange.  It's a product I found on Amazon.  Compared to a lot of other products, the smell doesn't bother me and they don't like going back over it.

4 - Outside I sprayed an essential oil cat repellent.  I don't want to chase off the birds or squirrels, I just wanted to keep the ferals/strays away from the house itself.  The one I used was premixed, but you can mix your own with a variety of combinations found online.  It does require respray fairly regularly, especially after rain, but it did just fine.

We're not totally fixed, the cats are having some issues inside that we're still working on.  But it has substantially decreased where it's happening.

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