Monday, June 10, 2019

Family Trip to Washington D.C. #family #summer #travel #washingtondc

Our last family trip before I have 2 kids in college full time.  Ack.  We went up to Washington D.C. and stayed in National Harbor.  The pictures will be broken up to different days.  I'll sort them by where we went.

We drove to one of the train stations and rode in to L'Enfant station.  If you go, they are renovating several stations and as a result there's only bus service/shuttles from those stations to a different station in operation.  I'd recommend checking those in advance.

We actually did NOT go to either of these iconic locations.  We had planned to, but plans changed based on heat and tiredness in the family.

Other than around National Harbor itself, the first "big" place we visited was the Hirshorn Museum.  We did a very quick walk through as none of us are big modern art fans.  From there we went to the Museum of Natural History.  It took us approximately 3 hours to work our way through (combination of lots of tour groups and just taking our time). Unfortunately, the hall of dinosaurs was closed for renovations/updates.

Unless you're willing to pay a considerable amount for the food (and air conditioning), I don't recommend eating inside the museums.  There were always food trucks in the area, which after paying for a lunch here, we found to be a better bargain (and better food).

The next stop we actually broke into two days.  We did the National Gallery of Art.  We only got in one wing and floor before we were just done for the day and headed back.  I'll post those pictures Wednesday.

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